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Founder & Editor-in-Chief

M. A. J. Jalandhari, a famous entrepreneur, is the Editor-in-Chief and founder of the 100 PAKISTANIS – The Famous & Influential. He united the distinguished and prominent Pakistanis, under his team conducting interviews of the living legends and showcase their inspirational/success stories for the world to read. Mr. Jalandhari was also the President and Editor-in-Chief of "Choice", one of the best selling magazine of Pakistan in 1984. He also is the first Pakistani to advertise in the Time Magazine New York in the 1980’s which gave a boost to businesses in Pakistan!

His vision to build a positive image of Pakistan in the world by spotlighting the distinguished and deserving has now taken a step forward through this book after years of tremendous efforts. Mr. Jalandhari has written several books including Jannat Numa Pakistan which portrays and appraises the beauty of Pakistan. 

Currently, Mr. Jalandhari is working on the development of an NGO by the name of WORLD HUMAN & ENVIRONMENT FOUNDATION in London, United Kingdom, in order to spread the message of peace and work for the protection of nature & serving the humanity in this world.

Adam Jbr

Co - Founder & Managing Editor

He is the Youngest Managing Editor & Co-Founder of the Most Anticipated book in the History of Pakistan. After 2 years of struggle and with great efforts, he united and brought the 100 Pakistanis on a single platform.

He met and interviewed the countries top influential personalities including

Dr. A.Q.Khan, Dr. Amir Liaquat, Jahangir Khan , Samina Khayal Baig, Atif Aslam, Ansar Burney, Ali Moen Nawazish, Abdul Sattar Edhi

and many more whose inspirational interviews, opinions and biographies are published in the 100 Pakistanis - The Famous & Influential and they all have participated in this book joining hands towards developing a positive image of the country.

He emphasizes that Pakistanis should come out of complexity and show the world how talented and capable they are! Adam also believes that by portraying the distinguished PAKISTANIS to the world, it can help to take the first step towards building a positive image of Pakistan among the global community which the country desperately requires at the moment.

Having a philanthropic approach, Adam has imposed that part of the revenue would be forwarded to an NGO as a support to a noble cause from the sale of every copy of the 100 PAKISTANIS - The Famous & Influential. He is currently working on the development of upcoming projects which include an initiative to provide Free Job Solutions (LETS WORK PAKISTAN) in the country in order to reduce the unemployment rate urging the nation, major employers and companies to join hands with him and come forward to support this cause.

Find Him on www.facebook.com/adamjbrofficial

Maryam Moiz


A Dubai based journalist, experienced with interviewing  top-notch international and national Celebrities, Politicians, & Famous personalities. Her contribution to our book has been remarkable, showing her out spoken personality towards interviewing our Top 100.


Dr. Hawa Arain

Sub Editor

A Dentist by profression, who always had a stong passion for writing and reading great literature. Having an eye for quality literature and a shrewd personality along with dedication in her work, she has proven to be an amazing team member.

A. Wadood

Project Manager

A dynamic and energetic team leader; the efforts of A.Wadood have brought the book to life.


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Jahangirkhan: Impressive project, hats off and highly appreciate the efforts of Team 100 Pakistanis! #100pakistanis

Dr.Amirliaquat: Beginning of a great noble project, such should be supported which promotes a positive image of Pakistan, stay blessed.