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Adam Jbr, Co - Founder 100 Pakistanis & Dr. Hawa on 'World this Morning" Ptv World.
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UNIVERSAL OXFORD PUBLICATIONS SHOWS POSITIVE PAKISTAN THROUGH 100 PAKISTANIS - The Famous & Influential Book.  Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain shares a moment on SUBHEPAKISTAN, Morning Show Live on Pakistan's most popular TV Channel GEO TV



100 PAKISTANIS - THE FAMOUS & INFLUENTIAL BOOK; Exclusive feature in HELLO! Pakistan Magazine
- August 2014


100 Pakistanis, The Famous & Influential acknowledges the achievements of those who shed positive light on their country. With exclusive interviews and a multi-faceted collection of people, it also supports Pakistan with each purchase, as part of the proceeds will be donated to the Edhi foundation. To read more get your HELLO! Pakistan August 2014 issue copy






KARACHI: Adam Jbr, Pakistan's youngest managing editor and co-founder of 100 Pakistanis project under Universal Oxford Publications reveals the cover of 100 MOST FAMOUS & INFLUENTIAL PAKISTANIS - a collection of interviews and inspiring stories which aims to promote a positive image of Pakistan among the global community.

According to a press release from the publishers, it is a unique ranking and collection of inspirational interviews of the 100 most influential and famous Pakistanis which aims to promote a positive image of Pakistan among the global community in crucial times. The research team of Universal Oxford Publications conducted interviews of prominent and successful Pakistanis while asking their opinion on who is the most influential and successful person in Pakistan to complete the list. The cover reveals that the book includes the most influential figures of Pakistan including Abdul Sattar Edhi, Imran Khan, PM Nawaz Sharif, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, Samina Baig, Atif Aslam, Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain, Gen. Hamid Gul ®, Jahangir Khan, Shahid Afridi and others. Alongside honoring the 100 most-influential and most-famous Pakistani men and women, Universal Oxford Publications will also be presenting special awards to the most outstanding achievers of the past year in an event to be held after 14 August 2014 Pakistani independence day. The final list would also be revealed at in the same event after which the book will be available in all leading bookstores of the country according to the editors. Having a philanthropic approach, the founder of the 100 Pakistanis – The Famous & Influential, M. A. J. Jalandhari & co –founder Adam Jbr. have expressed their support to the Edhi Foundation and imposed that part of the revenue from the sale of each copy of the book would be forwarded to the Edhi foundation as a support to a noble cause.

In addition, Universal Oxford Publications will also be publishing several concomitant and supplementary lists, including the 100 Pakistani Young Leaders, which will spotlight the influential young leaders who are making waves in the country today. The book has been receiving enormous media attention and is considered to be one of the most anticipated book in the history which spotlights the distinguished and prominent Pakistanis for the world to read and further promote a positive image of Pakistan.

100 Most Famous & Influential Pakistanis is now available at Saeed Book Bank Islamabad - AUGUST 2014



Adam Jbr. the Managing Editor & Co - Founder of 100 Pakistanis - The Famous & Influential, under the leadership of M.A.J Jalandhari and his team, aims to promote a positive image of Pakistan among the global community by spotlighting the biographies and interviews of the distinguished Pakistanis published in the 100 PAKISTANIS - The Famous & Influential.

During turbulent times in the country, when the youth lost hope and many leaving the country in order to build their career and transferring themselves in foreign universities , this young man came back leaving a handsome amount of salary  being offered and his growing career from United Arab Emirates back to Pakistan where he started working on a project in order to bring back the lost identity of its nation and took one of the greatest step in history which the country desperately needed currently; A STEP TOWARDS BUILDING A POSITIVE IMAGE OF PAKISTAN.

The 23 year old, popularly known as Adam Jbr. is a young entrepreneur, perfume designer and now one of the youngest Editor in the history of Pakistan of one of the most anticipated book. He is the Managing Editor & Co-Founder of THE 100 PAKISTANIS – The Famous & Influential, published by UNIVERSAL OXFORD PUBLICATIONS and with editor in chief M.A.J.Jalandhari. – A list of prominent,and distinguished Pakistanis.  Along with the support of M.A.J.Jalandhari and his team Maryam Moiz, Dr. Hawa and A. Wadood, with 2 years of Struggle, Adam managed to contact and interview the prominent and deserving Pakistanis gathering their views and opinions, their inspirational biographical stories and aimed at uniting them portraying the positive aspects of the country. He mentions that Pakistanis are the most talented and brightest nation in the entire world!  Adam has met and interviewed one of the top influential personalities of the country from entrepreneurs, to social workers, politicians, celebrities, anchors, fashion icons and various other prominent personalities including Dr. A.Q. Khan (Scientist), Jahangir Khan (Former World Squash Champion), Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain (Religious Scholar and popular media personality), Gen Hamid Gul (former DG ISI),  Muhammad Zubair (Chairman BOI), S. M. Munir (Business Tycoon), Ali Moen Nawazish (Educationist) and various other well known profiles and published their interviews and inspirational stories of their life in the 100 Pakistanis – The famous & influential,  so that the world reads the positive side of Pakistan and read about the legends produced by Pakistan’s who should never be forgotten

He says that during the initial stage of this project, he found it very hard to get in touch with the prominent Pakistanis but looking at his noble message, his patriotism and hard work, he got support from everyone and he his highly grateful for everyone’s support as he believed it seemed impossible to meet and interview the honored profiles in the beginning and now the well known profiles are part of his book and wished him good luck for this noble project.

After graduating, at the age of 21, from one of the top business schools in Dubai, Adam J. opted to work in the perfume industry which was one of his passion and a family business. However, living in a different country, he saw that Pakistanis were in deep complexity due to the instable image of the country as a result of terrorism etc and were losing their real positive identity thus building a crucial negative image. He even met Pakistani expatriates who did not introduced themselves as PAKISTANIS as being labeled corrupt/terrorist/poor etc (grammar) and used to change their identity being afraid that they would not be respected if they call themselves as Pakistanis, and this is true which is unfortunately happening at the moment. This really disturbed Adam while he was also writing a blog to empower Pakistani youth (CAFÉYOUTH; a popular Pakistani Blog) since his teenage, he decided to go back to his country and decided to take a major step to change the image by spotlighting the PAKISTANIS who have an influence and have made positive changes in the society. He has also promoted and highlighted prominent and deserving Pakistani women in order to empower them by including Samina Khayal Baig (Mountaineer), Namira Salim (Astronaut) and Aamna Taseer (Entrepreneur) that Pakistani women are equally dynamic and should never be left behind.

He is promoting a message of peace and through this book he emphasizes that all PAKISTANIS should come out of complexity, bring out their talent, do not criticize the nation and the leaders, in fact bring a positive change further to do something yourself whether in sports, education, business, community service and come out and show the world how great PAKISTANIS are. Some Pakistanis view the other prominent negatively and are suspicious, however he comments that influence can be both positive and negative but he forwards positivity as He believes and mentions that if positivity is promoted it can kill negativity and hatred and the entire nation is the ambassador of their country thus building a positive image and respected image of the country is in their own hands.

Adam Jbr. is currently working on the development of upcoming projects which aim at providing free education to those in need and providing free job solutions, teaching new skills, further developing cottage industry as the country is currently a victim of high unemployment with a low literacy rate in the country and urges the nation and political leaders to give support.

Adam Jbr. has imposed that part of the revenue from the sale of every copy of 100 PAKISTANIS - The Famous & Influential would be forwarded to an NGO as a support to a social cause.

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Jahangirkhan: Impressive project, hats off and highly appreciate the efforts of Team 100 Pakistanis! #100pakistanis

Dr.Shahid: Beginning of a great noble project, such should be supported which promotes a positive image of Pakistan, stay blessed.