Inspirational Quotes of 100 PAKISTANIS from the book

Don’t give up, don’t be pessimist, work hard and honestly. We have tremendous resources and potential and together we can make Pakistan as good as or better then the leading nations

– Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan (Scientist/Mohsin-E-Pakistan)

Keep on striving hard for others’ well being and safety no matter your efforts may be considered by you just a drop in the ocean. Living for others should be the motto of our lives.

-Ahmed Chinoy (Chairman/CPLC)


The human being is highly capable and intelligent to do anything and it should be done while marking a positive impact on others lives as well in the right path rather then using it in the wrong way.


- Ahmed Jawad (Entrepreneur)


Let us build up a politically strong and economically debt free Pakistan with a strong military so that it becomes a strong fortress for Islam and a shield for the Indian Muslims. Ameen.


- Ahmed Raza Qasuri (Politician/Lawyer)


Give yourself a little time and do a bit of soul searching and I am sure you would realize what you want to do in life.

- Ali Haider (Celebrity)


Work hard and give it your best 

- Ali Moen Nawazish (Educationist)


Women are very dynamic, they are multi-dimensional and are breaking more and more glass ceilings every day.

- Amna Taseer (Entrepreneur)


Don’t loose hope, stay committed to the thing you want to do and you will definitely get it.

- Atif Aslam (Celebrity)


Pakistan is a land full of opportunities, in this tough conditions of our country, we are the ones who can work and change this.

- Dr. Basit Riaz Sheikh


Nobody can change the power which is given to you by birth. you are a women, and you are powerful. 

- Dr. Mariya Sultan


Refrain from spreading negativity. Negativity is a disease. Always staying positive brings out positive waves and kills negativity.

- Dr. Amir Liaquat


You can be whatever you want to be. Don't let discouragement take you down. 

- Fawad Afzal Khan


Rise with hope and anger. There is not enough anger; what’s happening to you, you’re not angry enough to challenge it. Unite for a purpose. You have something to give to the humanity. Your destiny is the destiny of mankind. Don’t fail.

- Gen. Hamid Gul (R)


Our youth is the torch bearer of bright future provided that they are well equipped with modern trends in every walk of life My message to them would be to channelize their potentials in the right way, as rightly said ‘Rome was not built in a day’ so is life. 

- Haji Ghulam Ali


If you have the passion to do something, work hard, stay honest and nothing can stop you to accomplish it.

- Jahangir Khan

Be honest, respect your parents and elders, serve them on top priority, be faithful and sincere with your job, don’t go for short cuts to make money as you will definitely fall, work hard, be humble, be just and never compromise on your Country’s name.

- Javed Miandad

I strive to guide Pakistan towards a prosperous and enlightened future by mentoring, educating and empowering the young generation through dedication and hard work, commitment to excellence, exemplary leadership and personal interest in each one of my students

-Khadija Mushtaq


Come out and show the world how great Pakistanis are

- Qasim Yar Tiwana


If everybody pays Zakat there will be no poverty in Pakistan

- S.M. Munir


We need new people in politics, bureaucracy with a new clear mind and guide where this country should be, everyone should come forward and make a change.

- Saleem Mandviwalla


There are no excuses for not achieving something, anything is achievable and possible

- Samina Khayal Baig

God has made Human Beings wonderful and powerful. Rather then forcing your men for demands, stand for yourself to get what you want and work hard.

- Shehla Raza

My source of inspiration is to see people and learn from people who try to help others.

- Talat Hussain

Just do what you believe in, and success will come naturally

- Zainab Chottani

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